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Elke GrunwaldElke Grunwald

Is teacher in a primary school and is lives in Bremen. She is "Kanulehrerin" (trainer category "B", DKV/DOSB) and
Seakayak-Guide as well as Coach (level C2) in the german "Salzwasserunion". Also at the "Pagaia Simposium Internacional de Caiak de Mar" in Spain she is part of the coaching team for several years now. She made many tours in Germany and abroad, among this Expeditions to Greenland, Thailand and the Caribbean. She leads the youth work in the Bremer Kanu-Wanderer e.V. (BKW), and in the Landeskanuverband Bremen (LKV) she is the training coordinator. From 2016 on she is part of the Team of Seakayaking Germany.

Activities as Guide/ Coach in 2019:

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the whole years on tuesdays: youth training (Bremer Kanu-Wanderer)



Markus ZiebellMarkus Ziebell

Markus ZiebelIs a mechanical engineer and lives in Braunschweig. Markus grew up in Plön between the lakes. There he started as little boy artistic gymnastic, which he practiced for more than 40 years and he took part at german championships for several times. With the sport youth and later with motorbike, ski, snowshoes and pulka, by foot and with kayak he came to the north as far as Greenland and Svalbard, he paddled in Africa, Tierra del Fuego, the Caribbean and many other spots in the world during his numerous travels.. Markus is Seakayak-Guide and a Coach (level C2) in the german Salzwasser Union, BC 4-Star and since 2015 Teammember of Seakayaking Germany.

Activities as Guide/ Coach in 2019:

Markus Veranstaltungen 2019 als Guide/ Coach:

26.01.2019:                       Seekajaktour: When the ice is breaking (Salzwasserunion)

19.-22.04.2019:                 Seekajaktour: Ostern in der dänischen Südsee (Salzwasserunion)

27.04.2019:                        RST-Regionales Sicherheitstraining Bremen (Salzwasserunion)

10.-12.05.2019:                 Workshop: “Was würde MacGuyver tun” (Salzwasserunion)

30.05.-02.06.2019:            Seekajaktour: Die nordfriesischen Drei  (SkaG)

28.-30.06.2019:                 Seekajaktour: Big Crossing  (SkaG)

05.-07.07.2019:                 Workshop "Forward paddling" (SkaG)

13.-15.09.2019:                 Sea Kayak Surfing (Basic) (SkaG)

18.-20.10.2019:                 Workshop "Brandung Juist" (Salzwasserunion)

25.-27..10.2019:                Sea Kayak Surfing (Intermediate) (SkaG)