Sea and Ice Svalbard 2018: With kayaks around north-west-Svalbard. (27.07.2018 – 29.08.2018)

After several years not being in the arctic it’s time to come back. With a team of our sea- and mountain-experienced paddlers we want to travel to the north-west-coast of Svalbard. These islands in the high arctic are under norwegian government. From the capital Longyearbyen we want to circumnavigate clockwise the north-west part of the archipelago. First we had to pass the westcoast, that is exposed to the northatlantic, until we reach the Wijdefjord. Here at the southern end we had to cross the Mittag-Leffler-Breen on a distance of about 30 km. This has probably never be done before with kayaks. After the descent we hope to push our kayaks back into the Austfjord and continue for the last 60km back to Longyearbyen again. The biggest challenges probably will be the changing weather conditions in this area and the high number of polarbears that stay here during the arctic summer. Follow our blog and you can track live our preparations for this adventure during the next months, see which challenges we have to cope with during the 500 km long trip and if we are successfull at the end.

The route:


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